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In less than 12 hours 2 people were bitten by poisonous snakes in Anzoátegui - Venezuela

This Wednesday, December 2, two young people entered the emergency room at the "Guevara Rojas Hospital" in "El Tigre, Anzoátegui", Venezuela after being bitten by snakes. Both residents of rural areas and dedicated to working in the fields went through hardships to receive medical attention and one of them still waits for the antivenom. Source:

17 year old Vitolo Vidal was the first to arrive at the hospital, who was bitten by a rattlesnake when he returned from the El Temblador farm in Francisco de Miranda municipality. His father José Vidal said that as his son was walking at 7:00 pm in the middle of the darkness and in sandals the snake attacked him in the left ankle. How could he transferred him to "El Tigre Hospital", where he assures that they did not deny him help but the hospital does not have the antivenom.

«Neither under heaven nor under earth you can get that antidote. Something that they administer at the national level and it is public and nobody knows where there may be antivenom, ” Vidal said.

The young man's father indicated that he went to a private clinic to see if they had the antiofidic serum and the answer was negative.

Enrique Tamanaico, 23, was the other young man affected by the bite of a rattlesnake, a resident of the Kashaama indigenous community in the municipality of Freites, who after being bitten by the snake took 12 hours to go to the hospital, since due to in the absence of transportation, his family had no way of transporting him. During that time, his parents treated him with medicinal herbs.

In June of this same year, a 9-year-old girl died in the El Tigre hospital, due to the lack of antivenom after being bitten by a rattlesnake, in the town of Güepe, via Oritupano in the Freites municipality. The little girl was taken to the San Tomé hospital, where they did not have the antidote, and then to El Tigre Hospital where there was no antivenom either. In that waiting time the girl passed away.

Everything indicates that there is no antivenom in any hospital in Anzoátegui, or in any other health center of the state.

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