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Christiane Bornhorst, founder of Corphus Menti Health Center, passed away

After being bitten by a mapanare snake, the specialist was complicated by an allergic reaction to the antidote that was applied to save her life.

The Health Center @corphus_menti reported on its social networks that its founder Christiane Bornhorst died in Caracas, Venezuela, this Friday, July 2, 2021 after they applied an antivenom to save her life after being bitten by a snake.

"With a lot of pain we regret to report the passed away of our dear @christianebornhorst, who was the founder and therapist of our Health Center."

"Our deepest condolences to the entire family and loved ones." Corphus Menti wrote on his Instagram account.

@andreamatthies, daughter of Christiane Bornhorst, expressed the enormous void that she left after her left: “It is hard, very hard to let her go. I always had the certainty that I had chosen the better mom in the world. Thanks Mom for everything. At some point our paths will cross again. ”Andrea commented on Instagram.

She also commented that his mother was walking the puppies when he was bitten by a mapanare. (Poisonous snake of the genus Bothrops) Despite having gone directly to the clinic, she was allergic to the antivenom serum and from there a chain of unfortunate events occurred that led her to leave her earthly body to continue with us from another plane. "She always believed in the power of now. Fortunately we enjoy her every moment, she leaves such a beautiful legacy and her memory will live forever." Andrea added on her IG account.


It was time for my mom to return to her star.

She was always a being of light. Now she is pure light

It is difficult to say goodbye, but at the same time it is another great lesson that it leaves us:

Learn to say goodbye, be grateful for what you've experienced and always carry it in your heart.

So we said goodbye yesterday from@corphus_menti.

Thanks to all your partners, colleagues and the beautiful family of this site that has brought so many joys and alleviated pain.

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